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Description of massages available

Swedish massage is the most well-known of styles.  This massage is a light to medium pressure of your choice and covers the legs, feet, abdominal (optional) arms and hands, shoulders then turning over to do the back of the legs, back and shoulders including the neck. This massage is using the therapy couch.  

Cost for approx. 1hr £40

Deep Tissue full body is a firm massage and ideal if you are experiencing pain in the glutes, lower back and back.  The deeper technique is from using double handed pressure, fore-arms and elbows.  Areas massaged also include those in Swedish.   This massage uses the therapy couch.  

Cost for approx. 1hr £40

Holistic full body massage freestyle allows the therapist freedom to blend styles together drawing in techniques from Ayurvedic Indian head, Swedish, Deep tissue to Lomi Lomi at a pressure that you find comfortable. Whole body massage using a variety of techniques from deep to light massage strokes to take you into a deeper sense of relaxation and tranquillity to awaken all your senses. This massage ideally suits the therapy couch.

Cost for approx. 1hr £60 Cost 1.5hr £80 2hr £100

Indian Head Massage (Western Seated or Ayurvedic) Whilst the title says head it does in fact include back, shoulders, neck, face, and head.  The pressure can be light to firm depending on your preference.  This massage can be carried out easily in a chair or wheelchair or using a therapy couch.

Cost for approx. 45 min £30 1hr £40

Facial Massage cleanse, tone and facial massage using luxury Rosehip or Advacdo oil can be incorporated into your massage or as an add on with another therapy such as foot massage this can be seated or using the therapy bed.

Cost for approx. 20 min £15

Foot Massage this can be on its own or with another therapy such as facial massage or Indian head this can also be seated with legs raised or using the therapy couch.  

Cost for approx. 20 min £15

Full back, neck and shoulder this massage can be light to firm at a pressure your happy with. Can be received seated using massage seat or ideally using therapy couch.

Cost for approx. 30 min £30


Why not give the gift of a pre-paid professional massage in the comfort of my onsite therapy room. Gift vouchers personalised for all occasions, please contact me for further information.

I can accept cash or card for all treatments. Card payments can be made in advance or on the day of your massage.

Booking is advisable to avoid disappointment and a 24hr Cancellation policy as with any other industry.

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